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Friday, June 14

Father's Day Fishing Report

Hey how you doing out there in the fishing world!?!

As we approach the summer season all species of fish in the western long island sound will begin to increase in catch.

ON the fluke front they have been catching fluke to five pounds by the bridges~Throggs Neck and The Whitestone, the barges, along Country Club and Silver Beach, Harts Island on boththe south and north end, Prospect Point and Sands Point, Matinecock Point and all the Bayville Beaches. Another good spot is right behind Jack's in the Eastchester Bay between the City Island Bridge and the gas dock. Best bait is Jack's spearing, sand eels, squid and fresh bunker filets~putting this bait on either a buck tail or a fluke rig will work well. Best depth of water 15-50ft. with the larger fish being caught in deeper water.

ON the bluefish front plenty of bluefish between 8 and 12 pounds are being caught between Stepping Stone and Throggs Neck Bridge, behind Execution Lighthouse and also in the mouth of Hempstead Harbor and Manhasset Bay. So Anchor up, chunk a bunker, drop it into 15-50ft. of water and remember chumming is a must!

ON the striped bass front fish to 45 pounds have been weighed in at Jacks all caught on Jack's fresh bunker or live bunker. Best depth of water is 15-50ft. The bass are swimming under the pods of bunker and you must get your bait~especially if it is live bunker~to the bottom. Best areas are Throggs Neck, Hempstead Harbor, behind Execution Lighthouse, New Rochelle, Larchmont, Mamaroneck and Rye. June will be the best month for big bass so get prepared, be ready and be sure to send all pictures in to Jacks even if it is catch and release take a picture,release and email it to jacksbait@aol.com. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

ON the porgy front the party boats have been doing very, very well they have been traveling further to the east to find the fish. Best bait is Jack's sandworms, bloodworms and Jack's sure catch fresh clams. Chumming is a must! The porgies will be moving closer to City Island as the month of June goes on but right now they are in deeper water and on pieces and structure instead of the bottom.

With the cooler water temperatures this year the fishing season will extend making the fishing phenomenal!

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Tuesday, May 7

Fishing Report

Hey How You Doin' Out There In The Fishing World!?!
The month of May is here and the water temperature is still 51 degrees and this is good for the striped bass, the weakfish, the flounder, the fluke and the porgy fishing.

On the striped bass front: There are big fish being caught between the Throggs Neck and Whitestone Bridges, Fort Totten, The Wall at Maritime College, Stepping Stone Lighthouse, Execution Lighthouse, The mouth of Hempstead Harbor, Manhassett Bay, Little Neck Bay, New Rochelle, Mamaroneck and Rye. Best depth of water is 20-50 feet although are some fish are being caught in 15 feet but the majority are in the deeper water. Best bait: Jack's fresh bunker, Jack's Jumbo Sand and Bloodworms, Jack's live eels and Jack's sure catch clams. Fishing off the surf for striped bass is best by the Orchard Beach Lagoon, Rodman's Neck and Turtle Cove. Also there have been cocktail blues and weakfish mixed in with these striped bass in the last couple of days.

On the fluke front: May 1st was opening day and a few keepers have already been caught. Best areas are the barges and the bridges, in the channel behind Execution Lighthouse also by Prospect and Sands Points. Best bait: Jack's sure catch spearing, sand eels and squid, also filet of fresh bunker will do the trick.

On the flounder front: They are catching flounder in Eastchester Bay, Country Club, Orchard Beach Lagoon, Hudson Park and Harts Island. Best bait: Mussels, Jack's Jumbo Sand and Bloodworms with chumming a must.

On the porgy front: Opening day was May 1st and still no porgies caught as of yet. The water temperature is now 51 degrees but as soon the water temperature reaches 55 degrees this should make to be a very good porgy season. Best bait: Jack's Jumbo Sand and Bloodworms, Jack's sure catch clams and as with flounder chumming for porgies is a must!

This will probably be one of the best fishing years we have seen due to the gradual rather than sudden temperature increase this season.

Fishing Tip to Increase your odds of catching fish...Fishing more gets Fish on.

Jack's rental boats have been bringing in some great catches each day.

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Big John and The Boys


Tuesday, March 26

Opening Flounder Season and Boat Rentals Ready To Go!

The official opening of 2013 Flounder Season is April 1st.

Note: For the past few years the flounder fishing has picked up significantly!

The Best Bait for flounder is Jack's Jumbo Sandworms and Jack's Jumbo Bloodworms.  Chumming is a Must! Tip:The Best chumming combo is mussel and clams. 

The Best Areas to catch flounder are Eastchester Bay, Orchard Beach Lagoon, Harts Island, The CBS Tower and all along the Barges and Bridges.

Keep in mind with the cold temperatures this winter you are going to have to pound the bottom really hard to wake these fish up!

A reminder: The Striped Bass Season opens April 15th.

P.S. Jack's Boat Rentals start April 1st.  6 a.m. to 4 p.m. 7 Days a week.

*We will be stocking plenty of Jack's Fresh Bunker, Jack's Jumbo Sandworms, Jack's Jumbo Bloodworms, Live Eels and Fresh Sure Catch Clams.

Make sure to stop by and get your rods and reels serviced and lined up.

***It's time to dust off your equipment and go fishing!***

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