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Monday, July 27

Fishing Report

These past two weeks have shown that the porgy fishing is at its very best. Locally fish from 1-3 pounds are being caught with catching your limit not a problem. These fish are being caught at Huckleberry Island, the CBS tower, New Rochelle, Mamaroneck, Rye, behind Execution Lighthouse, Prospect Point and Sands Point. They are being caught in 15-25 feet of water with Jack's jumbo sand worms, fresh clams, clam chum and bloodworms, using plenty of chum to keep the fish around the boat is a must! Shop regulars Freddie Fragano and his two sons Steve and Chris limited out on big porgies in 20-25 feet of water by Huckleberry Island using Jack's jumbo sandworms and clam chum.

On the fluke front there are some keepers being caught off all the points, Hewlett Point, Barkers Point, Matinicock, Prospects, Sands, the barges and the bridges, and any structure in the Long Island Sound. Best bait is spearing, sand eels, squid, large smelts, and filet of Jack's fresh bunker. These fish are also being caught in 15-30 feet of water.

On the bass and bluefish front; the blues seem to show up every morning around Orchard Beach, Harts Island and around the coves. There are still large bass being caught up to 40 pounds. Shop regular Guy Lomardo caught a 40 pounder on fresh bunker which he caught locally in the early morning hours. The best bait for these fish are Jack's fresh bunker, mackeral, and also plenty of bunker chum to keep the fish around your boat.

Jocelyn Joseph had a 25 pound striper on the Island Current over the weekend. Handsome Hank also had a 25 pound striped bass over the weekend which he caught late at night.. Both caught using Jack's fresh bunker!

Again I cannot emphasize enough that the season is moving along quickly so everyone needs to get out and take advantage of every nice day in order to catch some of these porgies, stripers, blues and fluke!

There are plenty of options here at Jack's bait, whether you own your own boat, you want to rent a boat or you want to go on a party boat we have all options available here at Jack's for you!

PS The bluefish contest is coming Aug. 29-30 sign up soon!

See You Soon!
Big John

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