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Monday, November 2

Fishing Report

As we enter the month of November the black fish, the bluefish and the striped bass fishing will continue to improve until it slows down towards the end of the month.

As of today November 2nd the black fishing is definitely at its best fish are being caught up to 10 and one half pounds in 20-50 feet of water. The water temperature now is 55 degrees and with a cool week ahead of us the temperature will continue to drop and this will cause the black fish to move into deeper water until they are 80-100 feet of water. Right now the best bait is green crabs, fiddler crabs and Asian crabs. The best areas are Pea Island, Huckleberry Island, Hens and Chicken, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Rye and all the way up the coast of Connecticut as far east as Norwalk. This has definitely been some of the best black fishing in a lot of years due to the overabundance of east winds. So make sure to get out and take advantage of this great fishing because time is limited!

On the bluefish and striped bass front they are catching fish in the middle of Long Island Sound behind Execution Lighthouse in 60ft of water with fresh bunker, mackeral, and Jack's Jumbo sand and blood worms. These fish are moving through the sound heading towards the ocean as the water temperature drops. This bite should last at least another couple of weeks until the water temperature goes below 50 degrees. The same holds true for the black fish.

We will be renting boats for at least a few more weeks, weather permitting 6am-4pm. The party boats will continue to sail until at least the end of November with some boats sailing into December for black fish.

Watch for our huge "End Of Year Holiday Sale" 10-30% off everything in stock from Thanksgiving thru December 20th!

Our November store hours are 5am to 6pm 7 days a week.

Get out while you can as this fishing season comes to an end.

See You Soon!
Big John

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