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Wednesday, October 19

Fishing Report

We are now approaching the most productive fishing time of the year from now October 20th through November 30th the next 40 days will prove to be some of the best fishing around.

As the water temperature drops the different schools of fish begin to school up and migrate.

On the bluefish front they are catching fish to 15 pounds or better from the Throgs Neck and Whitestone Bridges, Stepping Stone Lighthouse, and east behind Execution Lighthouse in water depths of 20 to 40 ft. Jack's fresh bunker is the best for these fish also fresh holy mackerel.

The striped bass are also being caught in the same areas as the bluefish with anchoring up and chumming with Jack's fresh clam chum and bunker chum is definitely the ticket. Bass are being caught from 15 inches to 52 inches from Battery Park east to Execution Lighthouse. These fish will stay around right till the end until it is either too windy or too cold to get to them. PS You should also try Jack's Jumbo bloodworms, sandworms, fresh clams and squid for these striped bass.

On the porgy front there are still monster porgies being caught on the party boats, the private boats and the rental boats. They are beginning to move east as it gets colder but there are still some nice fish to be caught thanks to the extension of the 2011 porgy season. Of course best bait is Jack's Jumbo sandworms, bloodworms and fresh clams. PS chumming is a must!

On the blackfish front as the water temperature drops these fish will turn on stronger and stronger each day. Depth of water 15-30 ft. As we get to the end of October and into November 30-80 ft will be the trick. Best areas are Pea Island, Huckleberry Island, Hens and Chicken, David's Island, Red Buoy # 2, all the reefs from Larchmont, Mamaroneck and Rye and also a few deep holes behind Execution Lighthouse. Best Bait Jack's China-back fiddler crabs, Asian crabs and of course Jack's World Famous green crabs.

Make sure to try different ways of baiting the hook, different hooks and rigs that are available and also different techniques.

Remember Thanksgiving is 34 days away we need to fish on and fish hard every nice day you can get out do it! PS remember to watch for Jack's Famous End of Year Clearance Sale beginning mid November through Christmas Eve with 10 to 50% off all tackle in stock.

For up to the minute tides and location of fish call Big John at 718-885-2042.

See You Soon!
Big John

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