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Monday, July 30

Mid Summer Fishing Report

Hey How You Doing Out There In The Fishing World!?!

As we approach the mid summer marker...Here are the reports from the fishing fronts.

Bluefish are bountiful by Execution Lighthouse and being caught using Jack's Always Fresh Bunker in 20-30ft water.

Striped Bass are chillin out in shallow water of 10-20ft on Jack's As Always Fresh Bunker by Harts Island and The Throggs Neck and Whitestone Bridges.

Fluke Fishing is Flukin Great! These fish are being caught with Jack's Special Spearing and Squid Combo in all depths of water in Eastchester Bay, Harts Island, Sands Point and Prospect Point.

Porgies are plentiful at times and found in shallow waters of 10-20ft using Jack's Jumbo Sandworms and Bloodworms and Jack's Sure Catch Clams at the tip of your hook. And Remember chumming is a must!

Snapper are snapping off all the docks, bridges and shorelines using Jack's Best Bait and Tackle combo of spearing, snapper lures with snapper poppers.

Weak fish make a great dish! They are being caught off all the points in 20-50ft of water on Jack's Jumbo Sandworms.

Sea Robins are rocking in all areas in all depths of water using Jack's Jumbo Worms and Sure Catch Clams.

Sea Bass are schooling up by any structure with rocky bottoms in 20-40ft all the way up to 60ft of water on Jack's Clams, Jumbo Sandworms!

The Greatest Bluefish Contest On Earth is Aug. 25-26th. Come on down and sign up at Jack's.

See You Soon!

Big John and The Boys


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