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Thursday, May 29

Over the hump day reports

This just in...

Greg Kadair up from Louisiana fishing with his friends Rick Goatchius and Pedro DeCosta(boat owner) brought in to Jack's Bait and Tackle a 44 pound striped bass caught on lite weight tackle. He was using a lite rod and 12 pound test line in the mouth of Hempstead Harbor by Execution Lighthouse in 40-50ft of water...Big John's newest video with footage will be up tonight!

Edgardo Galloza weighed in a 30 pound striped bass today May 29th that he caught on Jack's famous fresh bunker off the shore at Battery Park

Coscob Bob and Richie stuff had 100 porgies to 3 pounds fishing Oyster Bay. They kept 20 fish and threw back 80 jumbo porgies.

Rodney Decuffa, Paul Coslett and crew had a 25 pound bass, a load of bluefish and lost a monster striped bass next to their boat The Squibis.

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Anonymous said...

Kadair must be a fantastic fisherman to be able to catch that fish on such light tackle. Maybe he should teach his lessons.