Where the fish are bitin!

Monday, July 21

Fishing Italian Style

Buon Giorno ,BIG JOHN,come sta?, sorry i did not send this sooner. I've been really swamped with work since i got back to Italy. Caught this slammer blue on the Bronx side of the Throgs neck bridge.Rod: G-Loomis escape travel rod 5/8-1oz 6.9ft , Reel:Abu Garcia Revo inshore spooled with 20lb fireline smoke and one of your famous 30lb shock leaders.The bait was a white 9inch slugo. Chewed it like a twizzler! Catch and release. I will try to send some tuna pix if i go to sardegna at the end of the summer.Ciao for nowDr. John Mucera D.V.M.

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